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It’s essential to present your home at its best, when selling your property. Even minor cosmetic updates can dramatically affect a buyer’s interest.

Here are some recommended tasks to consider when preparing your property for sale, with any help from us – and our contacts!


Less is more. Clutter can make a property look smaller, affect its flow, and subconsciously deter a potential buyer. Remove loose items from bench tops, windowsills, tables, etc. Tidy cupboards – and other relevant areas that may be opened when people are inspecting the property.
Clear gardens, pathways and entrances, for external appeal.


Buyers like to visualise themselves living in a space, so the goal is to create a blank canvas. To do this, remove any distractions like family photos, bold artwork, eclectic furniture, and personal items.


The small things matter. Think move-in ready. Touch up scuff marks, tighten loose handles, replace broken fixtures, mow the lawns, and weed the gardens. Buyers are looking to fall in love with a property, not add repairs to their to-do list.


You might love your bold accent wall, but it’s likely it won’t be to everyone’s taste. A fresh coat of neutral paint can go a long way to help buyers see the potential of your property. Light colours are preferable, as they create a blank canvas. We can refer you to applicable trades if needed.


Furnishings can make a huge difference. Plants create a welcoming environment. Flowers or a fruit bowl can lift a room. Fresh decor can modernise a property. Consider a professional home stager if you need a little extra help or want to give your house an extra lift. Stagers know the market and what sells. We can arrange this if required.


You may be oblivious to any odours that may exist at your property smells. Invite a friend or third party to assess any scents. Lingering pet, food, and smoking odours can be dealbreakers for buyers. Let in some light and air. If smells are pervasive, consider deep cleaning or masking techniques, but don’t go overboard with distinct artificial scents.


An obvious one! The cleaner, the better. And remember to maintain cleanliness from the day you list the property to the day you sell. You never know when a buyer may schedule a last-minute viewing. Pay special attention to skirting boards, walls and doors – the property will look cared for if they are in good condition.

Enlist our assistance

As you’ve just read, it pays to prepare. The best form of preparation is to utilise our real estate experience as an agent, as we can guide you through all the above steps as applicable.
Plus we can advise you on the state of the current market (timing when to sell),  and represent you during the selling process – including dyrubg the important stages of negotiation and settlement.

To achieve your selling goals sooner, please contact Irusia today.